April Recap


Our brand refresh



This year, we're celebrating 20 years in business. It's a huge milestone, and we're proud to have come this far. We're especially proud of the many strong relationships we have with you, our clients. No matter how many of those 20 years you've been with us, thank you for your support!

As you can tell from this email, to coincide with the milestone, we've given our visual identity a bit of a refresh. While our colours have changed, our talented team is still here providing the same high quality service you've come to expect from us. You'll start to see our new colours across our social media channels, as well as on our new website below.


Upgrades for Stainless Central's website


This month we were stoked to launch some big changes to our client Stainless Central's website.

The upgrades include a new homepage, with improved navigation, as well as a new account section for making purchases.

The upgrades will help to make the user experience even better for customers. Check it out now!


Sweet 'N Sour sauce...on ice cream?!

April Fools 2 01

April is nearly over (really!) which means we don't have to worry about being pranked for April Fool's Day for another year.

When done right (read: harmless and un-cringeworthy) April Fool's Day is a great way for brands to show their fun side.  SmartCompany have put together their top April Fool's pranks from this year. Our fave? That'd have to be coriander flavoured lollies!


A new website for Duncan's Poultry



Last year we had the chance to create a new brand for Duncan's Poultry. As part of the project we designed their logo, a letterhead, social media templates and much more. 

This year, we've continued to bring the identity to life with a new website for the Duncan's team, which we recently launched. Check it out!

Ad 01

Have you ever seen a polar bear playing bass..?

DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that allows users to input a simple text description and generate an original, photo-realistic image. The system can also edit and retouch images based on descriptions. We're interested to see what this means for creative industries like ours that utilise photography and digital artwork.