Level up your online security with a password manager

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We all know we should take our online passwords seriously, but let's be honest: it's hard work. When you consider your email, banks, social networks, school systems, work networks, and websites for every retailer you have ever bought from, the list of passwords you need to remember starts to get ridiculous. That fatigue leads to having weak passwords, either by reusing passwords between sites, or by having easily guessable passwords.

That's why we recommend everyone uses a password manager to keep your passwords organised. Password managers allow you to have one strong password, that then unlocks access to all your other passwords, which now no longer have to be memorised. Your password manager will type them into login forms for you. So instead of "myfacebook2022" as your password, you can have ""Ght45NGmb*LgRTe_9BSbZvw&" - much harder to guess and no harder for you because you won't need to type it ever again.

Password managers can also help manage 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for you, so you can vastly improve your account security on sites which offer it. 2FA is when a site will require you to have a time-based number from a different device, like an SMS from your phone or a code from an authenticator app. Google reported recently that they saw a 50% reduction in account compromises after forcing 2FA on their logins. Strong passwords and 2FA means you are doing all you can to keep your digital life secure - and a good password manager makes achieving this so much easier.

Choice magazine has a good write up on why you should invest in a password manager, although their product reviews are for subscribers only. Gizmodo Australia reviews some leading Password Managers, including a good free option.