May Recap


A new website for Macquarie Anglican Grammar School



This month we launched a new website for Macquarie Anglican Grammar School that we're super proud of! The Dubbo-based school approached us with a vision to overhaul their online presence by creating a modern, flexible website that honoured their vibrant branding. Check out the stunner of a site now!


Upgrades for Wollondilly Shire Council


The team at Wollondilly Shire Council recently approached us to make some exciting upgrades to their website. In addition to the styling and backend upgrades we completed, we also designed and developed a brand new 'Projects' section for the site. The new section lets residents explore future, ongoing and completed projects from their area. We love how it turned out! Check it out.


A landing page for Camden Surgical Hospital

CSH Mockup 01

We also recently launched a landing page for Camden Surgical Hospital. The landing page will support the Camden Surgical Hospital team in the lead up to their official opening as it captures enquiries, expressions of interest and houses important information. You can also see the branding we created for them on the landing page!

Keep your eyes peeled for the full site which will launch soon.


Do you have a marketing Plan B?



If you use Instagram, you may have noticed a recent change to the layout of your feed. Currently in beta, the new design bears several similarities to rival platform TikTok. Described by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri as more 'immersive', the new design sees posts take up the full height of the user's phone, as well as the promotion of a lot more suggested content, particularly Reels. The change comes as no surprise; Mosseri has been saying for many months that video is the future of Instagram. Given the changes are still being tested, it's unclear if they'll stick around. In the meantime, users will need to conform to the platform's video focus if they wish to achieve engagement. For businesses, that means embracing Reels as a part of their marketing strategy.

This isn't the first major shakeup to the main social media platforms of late (remember the stalemate between Facebook and the Australian government over paid news content?). In light of this, it's important to remember that you shouldn't be putting all your marketing eggs in one basket. Making sure that your business would be able to not only survive, but thrive, if the likes of Instagram or Facebook were to disappear tomorrow, is more important than ever. In particular, ensuring you have a direct line to your customers, through something like an email newsletter, is more valuable than ever.

Ad 01

"It's not creepy, it's commerce!"

You may remember last year Apple introduced a feature to help protect the data of its users from third parties (we wrote about it here). Their latest ad promoting their push for privacy is well worth a watch!

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