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Grace Amos

GA LRC Cover V4 Mockup

The Client

Grace Amos is an emerging singer-songwriter from the Macarthur region who already has a number of gigs under her belt. Her debut single, Listen Real Closely, was released in July 2020.

GA Logo

The Work

Grace approached Greenhouse Creative to design her logo and the cover art for her debut single. We wanted to execute the design in a way that told a story.

The tone of the lyrics is a little disheartened but hopeful. We thought the perfect way to capture this was a sunset; something that embodies both light and shade. We also wanted to represent Grace's songwriting, so we incorporated hand-written notes on the cover. While the lyrics could apply to any time in life, we were taken back to our younger days, so we wanted to allude to the idea of a student doodling in the margin of their page while taking notes at school. We also used textures and imperfections to create a sense of nostalgia to help transport listeners to times in their life when they experienced similar feelings to those in the song. We rounded out the hand-made feel with stickers in the bottom left corner. Together all these elements give the cover a personal feeling.

GA Cover

For the Spotify Canvas, we brought to life the cover art through animation. We took the handwritten notes and illustrations from the cover, and animated the paper aeroplane flying across the screen. Check it out below.



  • Cover art
  • Spotify Canvas
  • Logo

Be sure to check out Listen Real Closely by Grace Amos here.

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