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Mater Dei

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The Client

Mater Dei is an organisation that provides education, support, employment pathways, therapy services and much more to individuals with an intellectual disability. 

The Work

Mater Dei approached us to design and develop a new website for their school. At the time we were working with Mater Dei across a number of projects, including the development of the branding for Mater Dei Early Childhood Education. It became clear that the new website should serve as not only an online presence for their school, but a destination for the entire organisation. As a result, the new website features a landing page to springboard users to their desired outcome, such as Mater Dei School, NextPath, Mater Dei Foundation, and so on. 

The new Mater Dei website is a modern, fully responsive and user-friendly website that reflects the high-quality organisation that Mater Dei is.

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