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Making great school websites

Since the very early days of Solutions Outsourced, we have specialised in working alongside schools and educational organisations to help them realise their online and digital goals. We understand that schools have a very particular set of needs and requirements when it comes to creating the right online presence, and we enjoy working with a schools' web team to design, develop and build an interactive, engaging and supportive website offering.

As with all web projects, it is important to understand who the intended users of a website are, and it's here that we find one of the more unique aspects to building a great school website - Schools have very broad user groups that they need to communicate with, including:

  • Current students,
  • Prospective students,
  • Current parents and carers,
  • Prospective parents and carers,
  • Teachers and administrative staff,
  • Prospective staff
  • Alumni,
  • Supporters and donors
  • Wider community

A great school website needs to take all of these user groups and their specific needs into account, in order to deliver an engaging experience to every visitor. We understand this at Solutions Outsourced, and we enjoy working with our school clients to create beautiful websites that work well, are easy to use, and provide relevant and useful information to the schools community.

Specialisation Schools
St Luke's Grammar School Website

Some of the Schools we've worked with

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