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A Solution for the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong

In 2018, the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong approached us to assist them with architecting, designing and building a multi-website publishing platform to allow them to create, manage and maintain 30 individual primary school websites. CEDoW provides an overarching level of support and governance to each of the schools within its network, and was keen to introduce a level of consistency across all school websites, to ensure they are representative of the values and standards expected of a CEDoW school. The solution we were to architect needed to meet the following criteria:

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Contemporary, considered & consistent

The solution needed to provide CEDoW with a contemporary, considered and, most importantly, consistent website experience that could be rolled out to each of its primary school websites.

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Customised to each school

As each of the 30 primary schools within the CEDoW network maintains its own unique brand identity, and holds its own unique position within the education offerings in their region, it was important that the websites we built for each school were able to be customised to support the specific identity, activities, content and community needs that each school might require.

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Easy-to-use, powerful & flexible

It was important for the website CMS to provide an easy-to-use, powerful, yet flexible interface for managing content, whilst simultaneously being robust, highly secure, and well supported, allowing staff at the school level to be directly involved in the day-to-day content management and administration of the website.


The CEDoW fleet website customised for St Brigid's Gwynneville


To meet the challenging brief for the project, we architected a multi-website solution utilising Silverstripe CMS technology, that allows CEDoW to easily create and manage 30+ individual school websites from one central platform.

We custom-designed a series of website templates and panel layouts that provided a modern, clean and attractive look and feel, whilst providing excellent scope for creating variation in each website with the unique brand, colours and fonts used by each school.

Using our panels-based approach to web content, each school has complete control over the content and structure of the website, right down to the individual page layouts, whilst CEDoW can remain confident that all content on the website will follow a consistent structure and design presentation to maintain the standards expected of a CEDoW school.


The CEDoW fleet website customised for St Columbkille's Corrimal

Additionally, we worked with CEDoW to develop a base content hierarchy and sitemap that could be deployed to each school website as a starting point on which to build their unique content. This allowed CEDoW to very quickly commence rolling out primary school websites, using this now standard base content structure, so that each website would present a consistent experience right from the start.

From there, each school is able to customise their own website to best reflect the individual mission, vision and values of the school, using content that is specific to the school, and relevant to the strengths, activities and opportunities that they offer.

CEDoW have been very pleased with the outcome of the project, and they are currently in the process of deploying, customising and launching each of their new primary school websites on the multi-site platform.


The CEDoW fleet website customised for Ss Peter & Paul Kiama

The team at Greenhouse Creative are capable of 'thinking outside of the box' and providing solutions that are cost effective and, more importantly, provide ongoing support after the project is done. The project they completed for our business reduced significant administrative work...This was not the first project that Greenhouse Creative have delivered for our business and it won't be the last.
Mike Roy

You can view three examples of CEDoW primary school websites published with the multi-website platform at the links below. Each of these websites utilises the standard base content architecture, which includes the standard homepage layout, but each features unique brand elements such as the logo, fonts and colours, as well as unique photography and internal page content.

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