We’re passionate about setting businesses on the path to success with a brand built on strategy and research.

Your brand is your secret weapon

Where your logo is a punctuation mark, your brand is a narrative. It is your gateway to meaningful connection with individuals who become customers who become evangelists for your brand. Rather than a single thing that can be pinned down, your brand exists in the minds of your audience. It exists in, yes, your logo, but also in the language you use on your website, the photos you share on social media, the customer service you provide. It exists in every touchpoint of your business.

It takes an experienced hand to mould a new brand or refresh an existing one, and our twenty years of passionately doing so provide the necessary basis to set our clients on the path to success.



Every one of our brand projects begins with strategy. Kicking off with a discovery session, we start by learning as much as we can about you, your business or organisation. We’re big on collaboration, and that starts here; learning from one another to get to the bottom of who you are and who you want to be.

We then undertake extensive research of our own, becoming experts in not only you, but your industry, competitors and audience. Our strategy becomes our blueprint for the project, ensuring that our design decisions are informed and true to your goals and, importantly, your audience.


A name is an invitation. It invites your audience to lean in, to be curious, to ask questions. It's the entry point to your business. Whether descriptive or figurative, long or short, your business' name is one very important element that contributes to the impression of your business in your audience's mind.

Our strategists engage in not only the creative development of business names, but the research into the context, history and implementation of the name across applications such as domains.


Your logo is one of the most memorable elements of your visual identity. When we create a logo we begin with strategy and research. Every design decision is hinged on your business goals, your industry and the needs of your customers.

We design with intention, taking into account the unique applications of your brand to ensure your logo is versatile and effective. We never create just one logo, but a suite of logos, ensuring you have a logo for every application, be it business card, social media profile picture or billboard.

Style Guides

When you have a strong brand that reflects your business, your goals and your customers, it's crucial that this brand is upheld in a consistent way. A style guide helps to ensure that everyone applying your brand is maintaining its integrity.

Whether speaking to customers, adding your logo to a uniform or sourcing a photographer to take staff photos, a style guide can help to ensure that your business, your goals, and your customers' needs are preserved.

Brand Collateral

Your name and logo are important elements of your brand, but bringing these to life through brand collateral can take your business to new heights of success. Our brand collateral offering is broad and diverse. We offer:

  • brand stationery (such as business cards, letterheads and with compliments slips)
  • websites
  • uniforms
  • merchandise 
  • pull-up banners
  • flyers

and much more. 

Branding Projects

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