Our Approach to Branding

Our tried and tested approach to projects provides the North Star we need to adapt to the diverse range of projects and clients we work with.

Our Approach to Branding

1 Proposal 01
1. Proposal

After you enquire with us, our Sales team compiles a custom proposal for the project.

2 Discovery 01
2. Discovery Session

We kick the project off with our Discovery Session where we learn invaluable information about your business.

3 Reverse 01
3. Return Brief

Following our Discovery Session, we compile our findings into a ‘Return Brief’, to make sure we’re on the same page.

4 Naming 01
4. Naming Workshop

For businesses going through a rebrand, or those starting out with a great idea, we work closely with your key stakeholders, as well as conducting our own research, to develop a name for your business that is strong, memorable and authentic.

5 Research 01
5. Research & Moodboards

We conduct our own research to learn more about your industry and how your competitors are branded. We put together two potential directions for your brand in the form of moodboards to base our future designs on.

6 Branding 01
6. Branding Concepts

Based on the chosen moodboard, we develop two design concepts, including a logo, sub-marks and several mockups to show you how we envision the brand coming to life.

7 Designs 01
7. Design Rollout

With the branding concept chosen, we export all variations of the logo in a variety of file formats and colourways for you to utilise as needed. We also begin work on any collateral that forms part of the project, including stationery, flyers, a website,

8 Style 01
8. Style Guide

With the branding well established, we put together a style guide detailing rules for applying the branding in a consistent and approved way. This can include the logo, colours, typography, graphic elements, collateral and more.