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Dashboard Live is an invaluable tool favoured by governments to manage and respond to natural disasters, transport interruptions, power outages, road incidents and more in real time.

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Dashboard Live is a robust, smart dashboard platform that collates and presents multiple sources of data in a user-friendly, engaging way. Dashboard Live is the preferred provider of Disaster Dashboards for local governments, with capabilities including natural disaster updates, transport alerts, weather warnings, power outages, road closures and so much more.

Dashboard Live also provides integrations for key information such as social media feeds and interactive maps. Features also include light and dark mode interfaces for an enhanced user experience, and mobile responsiveness for an optimal experience on the go.


DL icon fireincidents
Fire Incidents

Disseminate crucial emergency warnings and advice in the event of fires.

DL icons weatherwarnings
Weather Warnings

Ensure the safety of your residents with live weather warnings.

DL icons poweroutage
Power Outages

Keep residents in the loop on power outages.

DL icons road
Road Conditions

Planned roadworks, damage to roads and road closures.

DL icons sportsgrounds
Sports Grounds

Information on temporary closures.

DL icons transportalerts
Transport Alerts

Real time reporting on planned trackwork and unexpected interruptions to services.

DL icons emergencypreparedness
Emergency Preparedness

Equipping your residents with the information to best prepare for emergencies.

DL icons recovery
Recovery After an Emergency

Help residents in the aftermath of an emergency to get your community back on its feet.

DL icons customisable

Add your logo and brand colour to ensure your dashboard feels on brand.

Split Image Panel on Dashboard Live

Real-Time Updates

Keep your residents informed with up-to-date information and notifications to help them to stay safe and prepared in the event of an emergency, natural disaster, weather event, power outage and much more.

DL Live
DL Custom

Customisable Design

When disseminating information to your audience, it's crucial that the information comes through an official channel. By ensuring your dashboard is on brand with your organisation's logo and colours, your audience can feel confident they are receiving authentic information.

Light and Dark Mode Interface

Every Dashboard Live site includes a light and dark mode interface so your users can tailor their experience to their preferences. 

Feature Image on Dashboard Live

All the boxes ticked

Pen drawn lock

Built with the infrastructure to ensure your information is secure

Pen drawing of an ear

WCAG compliant to ensure your site is accessible for all

Pen drawn clock with speed lines

No need to worry about leads lost to slow page load times

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Built to work for you, easy to grow with you

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A seamless experience across all devices

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Proudly Australian made and hosted

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Real people on standby whenever you need us

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At the cutting edge of technology

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Our industry recognition says a lot, and so do our decades-long relationships with clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Dashboard Live is widely embraced by local governments for use as a Disaster Dashboard. With the ability to display up-to-date information on natural disasters, fires, floods, road closures and sports ground closures, as well as integrations such as social media feeds and interactive maps, Dashboard Live is suitable for a wide range of applications for both government and private organisations such as Councils, schools, health departments, transport authorities and much more.

Yes! Dashboard Live is fully responsive, meaning it is built to work optimally across desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

All Dashboard Live sites are securely hosted and managed on robust AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture in Australia. Greenhouse Creative has over 20 years' experience delivering high security online services for governments, ensuring compliant security protocols and high availability.

Information on Dashboard Live is drawn from official channels, including NSW SES, and reflects the most up-to-date alerts they have provided. 

Yes, Dashboard Live can work alongside your corporate website. It simply needs a subdomain which we can easily arrange for you.

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