SilverStripe Development

We supply secure SilverStripe solutions at Greenhouse Creative to help you achieve a more sustainable and successful business. With an easy-to-use, easy-to-extend, and easy-to-maintain CMS, you can easily organise your material while maintaining design flexibility, resulting in a highly professional-looking website.

SilverStripe design and development services that are fast, robust, secure, and scalable are available to Greenhouse Creative clients. Our professional SilverStripe developers ensure that your website’s content management system is well-designed to provide a captivating user experience and includes all of the functionality necessary to make content administration simple and successful. We provide economical SilverStripe development services and invest in the latest technology to help you save vital resources and achieve the best results.

Our History


In 2005 Solutions Outsourced launched its own Proprietary Content Management System (CMS) known as Siteflex.


In 2014 Greenhouse Creative moved to an open source platform and became a SilverStripe Development partner.

Why SilverStripe?

SilverStripe CMS includes a strong PHP-based programming framework in addition to being extremely user-friendly. The SilverStripe Framework gives you a lot of freedom and makes customising your site a breeze. Security models, workflows, and caching are all included, as well as multi-language and multi-site support.

SilverStripe is an open source project that has been downloaded over one million times since its inception in 2006. Many well-known brands and organisations, including Air New Zealand, Westpac, Gordon Ramsay, Forbes Magazine, Lenovo, NSW Government, Challenge Community Services, and others, use SilverStripe.


Silverstripe is…


Anyone can quickly and easily learn how to utilise SilverStripe.

Scalable and Secure

SilverStripe is highly scalable and adapts to your changing demands.


SilverStripe doesn’t try to fit your business goals into a pre-made solution.

Content Focussed

SilverStripe can assist with content strategy, migration, and management across a variety of sites, systems, and technologies.


SilverStripe is designed with best practises in mind, making it simple to create and maintain a site that meets W3C web and accessibility standards.


Your codebase is safe with SilverStripe has a rapidly developing international reputation and a global development community.
SS developer


  • User-friendly MS Word-like WYSIWYG editing
  • Drag and drop sitemap
  • SEO and standards compliant
  • Files and images manager
  • Content versioning and roll-back
  • Preview of content before publishing
  • Friendly URLs
  • Fine-tuned user roles and permissions
  • Multiple language support
  • Installation on Windows, Mac and Linux servers

Silverstripe Vs Wordpress

The team at Greenhouse Creative have been building websites for 20 years and during that time we’ve used many content management systems. We even developed our own CMS several years ago called Siteflex. We eventually made the decision to use the SilverStripe CMS as our primary CMS and always recommend it to our clients. “Why SilverStripe and not Wordpress or another CMS?” you might ask… Below are a few comparisons as to how it stacks up.

SilverstripeWordpress comparison

Get started with SilverStripe today

Whether you’re wanting to convert your site to SilverStripe or to create a brand new site, our expert SilverStripe Developers can help you on your way to a stunning, functional website.